Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Twelve hours later (a day of preserving peaches)

Have I mentioned that I have an amazing wife? She spent the entire day canning peach jam. We stumbled across an astonishing deal on peaches and bought the lot of them.

I had to be gone for the morning. When I came home Tabitha was well into preserving jam. I sat down and helped as best I could.

She had already done the lions share of the work. This is what she had in half pints. I thought it looked pretty.

I helped feed the kids, chop fruit and clean some of the dishes. Tabitha worked over the giant canner. She had a system where she was heating jars for the next batch, canning the prior batch and heating the lids in a steamer rack all in the canner. It was very efficient and streamlined. I having had cut all the fruit left her to really get into production. It is funny that my little contribution could make such a big difference.

The purple stain on the table cloth is from one of our wonderful egg customers dropping off two plus gallons of blackberries. I dumped them into a strainer (the only clean large vessel left in the kitchen) oops...

Tabitha has been nursing a bad back since butchering chickens and toughed it out to get ninety five half pints of jam done.

Such a beautiful comforting sight. What ever happens we won't starve this winter.

Today we need to preserve some blackberry jam. I have to get ready for the one hundred and fifty baby chicks coming tomorrow morning. I have already built the brooder. Now I just need to sterilize all the equipment and hook it all up. Over the next two weeks I need to build three more chicken tractors. Whew and I haven't even started the slip form cement work on the barn.

I need a clone that doesn't want to steal my wife and kids from me;0
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