Monday, July 26, 2010

Our chickens are almost ready to get on the grass.

We believe two weeks is the soonest broiler chickens should leave their brooder.

I am working on a new chicken tractor. It will incorporate all of my latest improvements. The new door style, new feeders, and an electric hot-wire around the top. This tractor will also incorporate a D.C. fan that will plug into my solar panel.

Very high-tech. This little cross pipe will support the milk crate that holds a five gallon bucket for their water.

I also am going to borrow two of my Father-in-laws chicken tractors. He has a different style tractor we are excited to try them.

I have to go to the feed mill tomorrow. These are the barrels that we use to store and transport the feed.

It saves on the bagging charge.

We have always fed our meat chickens custom mixed grain. Tabitha found this link that makes us feel good about five year old choice.

Arsenic found in children traced back to commercial chicken feed.

gratuitous kitten photo.


Ron said...

That tractor looks impressive, very nice.

Arsenic, eh? I'll have to probe my feed supplier about that if we feed out broilers.

I'm curious about your feed mill, and how the cost compares to commercial bagged feed. I have no doubt the quality is higher.


spotty dog farm said...

after building our first and crude tractor a few days ago i am getting excited looking at yours and thinking about the second and third and loving having them in gardens clearing weeds/ fertilizing.

Polar Bear and The Dodger said...

great posts lately. a hearty congrats on your new job- looking forward to hearing about that, sounds like you'll be learning a lot of great skills. love the corn pics! having a blog is such a great way to chronicle a life. i like mine and i like yours too. we are in heavy prep mode for the middle of nowhere party this weekend. we pulled out all the stops this year and i am so excited. glad all is well in your neck of the woods and thanks for all your support. love to your family!

Danielle said...

Gremlin kitty!

Lee said...

I'm also very interested in your chicken tractor design. We hope to raise two batches of chickens next year on pasture: a hybrid and an traditional bird.

How do you get the feed into the barrels at the feed mill? I've heard of people buying it in a supersack, but I would expect the mill could just forklift that into a truck bed. Can they fill directly into your barrels?

karl said...

Ron, the feed mill is easily 25% cheaper.

Spotty dog farm, there will be a detailed post forthcoming about the latest chicken tractor innovations.

Molly, I can't tell you how happy I am to have you comment. I wait impatiently for your every post.

Danielle, You might be right. Toly has cat scratch fever. We spent the day yesterday at the doctors then pharmacy.

Lee, Chicken tractor post is already in the works. Our mill/grain-elevator mixes on the fly for their customers. Bagging is one of two standards. The other option is bulk truck. The bagging process here is manual. A chute fills each bag with fifty pounds. They stitch each bag and stack them on a pallet. A barrel fits ideally under the chute it just holds six to seven times as much. We are good customers for our mill. They keep our barrels for us and when we call in an order they can have them full and waiting for us to pick them up. We bring empty barrels for next time. Three trips to the grain mill and we have saved enough in bagging fees to pay for the extra barrels. They are recycled barrels bought from the big farm-store in Springfield--about twenty dollars each for the removable re-sealing lid variety.

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