Tuesday, December 21, 2010

extended living in a hotel w/o the continental breakfast

Living here in this place is difficult since it is transitional. Ten more days we'll begin our new adventure in earnest. The new residence becomes available on the first of January. It is like holding your breath for a little too long.

My job is going wonderfully. I really missed it. I fixed the heating system and everyone really appreciates it. I have been doing different and interesting things each day. My days are long but fulfilling. Tomorrow I will decommission the P.V. system on the office. They are selling it to a co-workers father for cheap. The entire company will be moving to a new larger location within a few months and this is the first step of disentanglement. I helped install this system several years ago.

I am excited to do this kind of work since it is cross over to the P.V. side of the company. I aspire to be the employee that can do everything.

Uncle Matt sent photos of our visit to Tilden park. Such fun, I had just met his girlfriend. She is very cool and likely a new addition to my extended family--if she'll have him.

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