Thursday, December 02, 2010

sigh of relief

So I am officially gainfully employed. We have a place to live that we like. Our refrigerator is full of food. Boy was that weird buying all that food. For the past five years we provided most of our own food from our farm. Today I got the final word on my job and we celebrated by going to Berkeley Bowl. Berkeley Bowl (a grocery store) is impossible to describe. I'll try...

Imagine a high end grocer that has the highest quality produce, meat and groceries. Then multiply that idea by ten, cut all the prices by 40% and mix in a deli/bakery to die for. Oh, that is not all, the place is so aesthetically pleasing you loose all track of time. They had six different types of pomegranate to choose from.

We even bought seafood, I truly missed great seafood. I know that I am not doing the place justice because I was amazed and we used to shop there every week when we lived here before. That was a celebration extravagance and are committed to going to the farmers market on bicycle weekly but that sure was fun.

The camera is still packed or missing in a deeper way than I am willing to admit right now. When this camera issue is resolved we'll take a few photos of the place. Even without olfactory or tactile senses it is still something to behold.

A grocery as entertainment and celebration? Has Karl gone mad? Quite possibly, the stress has been treacle encumbering my every move. I am sure it will take some time to recover. If anyone has been to Berkeley Bowl West please chime-in defend my craziness.

Tomorrow will be our first home cooked meal in... it seems like eons. I start work on Friday. I look forward to working with my new co-workers. They seem very cool. Very cool...

My interview was kinda crazy. I guess I made quite a lasting impression when I left five years ago. I think mostly good but the word cowboy was used in reference to me. I admit I was in rebellion from corporate America and searching for freedom. Sun Light and Power afforded me many latitudes that are no longer acceptable. Wearing a Kilt to work everyday was brought up. That was the culture then and it isn't like that anymore. I also admit that for the company to grow, that culture needed to change. I see the truth of it and sure don't have any problems with the change, nor will I.

I just miss the feeling of going to work everyday and feeling like I am making a difference. Making the planet a little bit better with every solar installation. I am so appreciative and humbled by our good fortune that I cannot sleep.

Thank you everyone for your prayers, well wishes and hope. We made a huge leap of faith and the faith held thanks to you.

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