Thursday, November 07, 2013

My work has been brutally busy

I say this as an apology for not making a blog entry yesterday.

It is funny how clumpy things get. No matter how much planning to try to keep things steady they naturally seem to clump together regardless of efforts to the contrary. Suppliers outright lie and say "such and such will be here in a few days." It usually ends up days or weeks later. Meanwhile, I have scheduled a crew and the construction deadline approaches.

ENOUGH complaining.

Things are generally wonderful at my job. I have just the right mix of challenges and successes to make me fulfilled.

Tabitha has been in the garden. Our fall/winter garden should do very well. We had an excellent dinner the other night that included our own red swiss chard. There is something about growing something then eating it fresh that makes it so incredible. Surely freshness isn't the only factor. I just can't explain it. It is one of the things that make gardening so rewarding.

And then there is this...

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