Friday, November 01, 2013

Rainbow stairs

The upper floor of our house is basically the Kids floor. Kassi's room is mostly finished--except finishing out the closet eaves. The main room up there is currently shared by Tristan, Toly and Rome. We are trying to finish out the front room (Tristan's room) before the Baby arrives. We are expecting a little girl Georgiana in late February.

One of the main obstacles before we could start on Tristan's room has been the rough oak planks that were being stored in there to be made into stair treads. They need finishing, staining, sanding and cut to length. We love our house. It just turned 100 years old this year. The stairs are a homage to Roy G. Biv.

We got the spray paint at the local art supply store. I was skeptical that spray paint would work. I've never had much luck using the stuff. it never seems to cover well and always runs and drips for me. Maybe I'm too impatient. I must report this paint was fantastic. Montana Gold professional spray paint is amazing stuff. It is about twice as expensive as normal crap spray but well worth it.

The color selection is amazing. It is worth buying a can just to see what you have been missing. 


Ed said...

I had to watch the video to remember why the name Roy G. Biv was familiar to me. It's all coming back.

I've done my fair share of spray painting metal but never wood. I've always been leery on how well it would hold up. But I'm guessing on risers, it should hold up just fine.

karl o'melay said...

9 out of 10 taggers agree... this too shall hold up.

Ed said...

Excellent point! Why didn't I think of that?

Sissy said...

I absolutely am in love with your stairs! Maybe I can find this great sounding spray.

A BABY? A happy surprise to me; kids grow up TOO fast to suit me. Doggone it anyway. How wonderful for you to have the opportunity guiding a new little one along.

Haven't been by in awhile, so have a lot of catching up to do.

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