Tuesday, November 05, 2013


I am trying to go swimming regularly. I love swimming. I missed it terribly when we lived in Missouri. We would go to the creek occasionally but it isn't the same as being able to go swimming anytime you like.

The pool at our local YMCA is a saline pool and extraordinarily clean. Well, there are actually three pools. One shallow pool mostly for kids babies and pregnant women. It is very warm--too warm for me. The deep pool is medium temperature and where I take the kids to "family swim." We try to swim a couple of times per week. Kassi and Tristan are full-on swimmers. Toly is almost there. He can dive under to the shallow bottom to retrieve stuff. Rome is still aquatically challenged. He wears a strap on floaty. Although, he is exceptionally comfortable in the water. It won't be long before he will swim without the floaty.

The Lap pool is great the perfect lap swim temperature. It is huge, Olympic sized. Swimming today I got a second wind and swam twice as long as the last time. My arms are still like noodles hours later. I'll probably keep to this amount for a while.

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