Friday, June 10, 2016

Subway Tile 9' by 9' wall

I have had very limited tiling experience. Sadly one of my attempts was a dismal failure, our bathroom in Missouri. I had to tear it all up and re-do it. 
I went to the ever reliable Youtube to try to glean some necessary skills and tricks. After watching many videos on tiling. I stumbled upon the holy grail of videos. This is a time lapse video of this guy installing a bunch of subway tile. (awesome video). Armed with my new information I set about my work.
I started behind the stove as to hide the usual initial mistakes.
Only one small mistake on the lower left.
Onto the visible courses. Stagger guidelines helped with the offset. Horizontal lines on the wall helped keep things level and straight. 
Tiling to the edge got a bit tricky. Bullnose ends made a nice edge.
I used these wonderful little wedges instead of the usual tile spacers. I blue-taped the corners to keep them secure. 
Luckily I borrowed a tile saw from a co-worker. I have since been informed that the Berkeley Public tool lending Library has tile saws for loan. 

I used thin-set to set the tile. This was a first for me. It IS the right technology. Also, we used a latex based grout. I will never use any other type of grout, albeit 10x expensive. 

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