Sunday, September 10, 2006

before and during house painting

in true ozarks fashion i painted the most visible (from the road) portions of the house first. well, primed it with a cover coat of of oil based primer. i was being thwarted at seemingly every turn.
i borrowed a sprayer from bob. at first i didn't have all the pieces to start so i waited for bob to show up with them. then we tried to get it working for a while to no avail. after too much precious time bob left with his ailing paint sprayer. i then resorted to borrowing toms. he stopped by earlier to loan me his taping tools and supplies and mentioned that timmy, his son, could get it out for me.
i went over to toms and after much more precious time decided that i needed to not borrow toms very complex sprayer without better instructions and toms assistance.

feeling very anxious and wanting to get something done i got out my crappy little wagner sprayer. needless to say i hate that thing and waisted a ridiculous amount of paint refilling that little reservoir that kept trying to unscrew it's self from the vibration. at one point or another every part of that crappy thing vibrated apart and needed to be put back together.

by the end of the day i was covered in oil based paint and really pissed off. tom came over and graciously offered to help this morning finish the job.
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