Wednesday, September 27, 2006

the saw

well, i finally got a table saw. i have so many plans that i can hardly wait. i bought it from lowes--that place sucks. i bought it the other day and couldn't fit it in the kia because it was full of a pile of omelays. i specifically asked them if they had another one in the box and they said yes. when i came back they only had the floor model. i complained, they said they would wave the assembly fee. i didn't want it assembled because it surely wouldn't fit in the car. after much pleading and haggling i managed to borrow a crescent wrench and partially dis-assembled it. i asked for help to load it and the sales guy said "sure someone will be right with you." no one ever showed up. some other customer walking by helped me.
when i got home i had to dis-assemble it it further because it was put together incorrectly and out of alignment. what a bunch of idiots. at the end of the day i have a completely re-assembled table saw and it works like a champ.

after spending the afternoon messing with the saw and it's frustrations we got a changing table/dresser from sears for the baby via UPS. this too needed to be put together. mind you this was not your simple ikea style assembly it was a convoluted set of instructions referencing parts that were slightly different from the illustrations. so different that them alignment of the slides was a guess. of course after completely assembling it i realized that my guess of the three possible positions was wrong. i needed to take all the slides back out and move them one hole position deeper.

having lived within a few miles of an ikea store spoiled us for great prices and the obvious ease of their assembly instructions.
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