Tuesday, October 03, 2006

can we build it? YES WE CAN!!!

the table saw is a remarkable addition to my reality. sorry about the blog break but i have been playing with my new toy. i built a dog house for the dog. it took me about six hours. the kids love it, the dog is skeptical. i think it's cute.

merlin is looking mighty tasty these days. he is kinda trained to go into his pen when i go get him, usually around 3 pm.

the broiler chickens ar looking tasty too. i'll be killing them alone this time. tabitha has claimed new baby rights and says she'll be busy. maybe tristan can help?


mamabug said...

a great dog house! With a warm blankie, what dog could turn it down? Are you going to let the kids paint it?

Danielle said...

I think he could definitely help you pluck, but he may not be strong enough to get all the guts out. Let us know, though, I may be surprised.

Dog house looks great. How do you get a dog to use one though?

karl said...

we are not going to paint it. the rustic feel is the desired effect.

we feed the dog in the dog house and the kids play with her in there. she's warming up to it. right now she hangs under the front porch during inclement weather but i'm going to close that option off to her very soon. i also need to get a piece of carpet to make it more cozy. the living envelope is encased in some of the heavy duty tarp. it is weather tight except for the door. i'm sure she'll appreciate it over being a wet puppy.

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