Sunday, October 08, 2006

green tomato salsa

we harvested roughly a third of our remaining green tomatoes. we pulled the plants and all. the kids enjoyed helping because it seemed so destructive.

the salsa recipe is a farmgirlfare delight. we modified it a little but the brilliant idea is all farmgirl's.

matt this shot is for you. we all know how much you like peppers.

this is the salsa cooking down. peppers and cilantro to be added yet.

salsa fresh from the garden and everyone helped.


uncle matt said...

What can I say? The babies look wonderful. Tabitha looks more beautiful than ever (buckin' for brownie points cuz I want some of that salsa! She does look amazing though!). And those chiles! Oh, Mama! Thanks for more pictures. Keep 'em comin'!

Danielle said...

The salsa does look so yummy! We went to a pumpkin festival this last Saturday and seemed to have the same time you did! Max's favorite was the corn pit as well.

Is Tabitha peeling that garlic without smashing it first?

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