Friday, October 13, 2006

things are totally different yet the same

toly is such a wonderfully unique addition to the family. we expected him yet he is unexpected. kassi and tristan feel displaced yet they truely love him. tristan loves to touch tolys feet--can you blame him? kassi would pet and caress him all day long if we'd let her. my world seems up-side-down yet right. new baby energy in a house is glorious and comforting yet slightly uneasy. i have been taking up some of the slack with tristan and kassi as mama dotes on toly. kassi is handeling it better than tristan did but it is still difficult.

things have slowed to a triage maintenance mode here at the homestead. the kids love having daddy home to play with. i have been sealing a few moments here and there to train rosie. she is coming along nicely. if anything she'll mind *me* once i'm done. i have started with bribery and treats and moved to affection to give her reward. she wants to please and pays close attention. she was barking and growling at a deer that was moving through the woods last night. i encouraged and praised her. she is really setteling in here.

the kids love love love the green tomato salsa. i was surprised that kassi likes it as much as she does. i knew tristan would--it is right up his alley. i dream to attempt another batch and put it up, we'll see. i also need to dig and prepare the sweet potatoes for storage. we had a heavy frost last night and all the leaves are dead. this is going to happen the first moment that i can steal away tomorrow morning.

our neighbors have been wonderful. they have been bringing us fully prepared meals. it makes it so much better for these first few days. so far we have had really interesting and delicious meals. we feel so blessed.

thank you everyone for your well wishes. toly is doing marvelous. he is so mellow compared to the other two kids. tristan and kassi have been spending a little too much time in front of the dvd player but both their vocabularies have improved as a result. tristan plays this game on the computer and usually gets above 1000 points. try it it is even kinda fun for adults.

happy friday the thirteenth.
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