Thursday, October 05, 2006

the original non-stick surface

did you know that using a teflon coated water dish will kill, parakeets, canaries, or lovebirds? i believe that teflon is bad for human consumption. reports state that teflon is allegedly safe only below 500 degrees F. i make a tofu dish that requires grape-seed oil because of it's high smoke rate. grape-seed oil smoke rate approaches teflons danger zone far too close for my sensibilities.
we use a cast iron skillet. they take abuse far better than teflon and usually provide a more even heat. i have had this skillet nearing five years and water beads up on it like mercury on a mirror. seasoning a skillet takes a bit of effort and gets better over time. unlike teflon pans a skillet requires oil, butter or fat to perform well. the health conscious might find fault with additional calories and other perils involved using oils and fats. my retort is exercise and moderation.
cooking using water based liquid in a cast iron skillet will ruin its seasoning. this doesn't ruin the pan though. so we do own a pan with a non-stick surface. this is a enamel based material and is allegedly inert. every tool has it's true purpose and this is especially true of a cast iron skillet.
so take the canary-in-the-coal-mines advise and don't eat out of teflon.
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