Saturday, October 21, 2006

getting behind

i didn't do much today.

-loaded the porch with wood, four wheelbarrow loads
-cut down the castor bean trees--the big one had a six inch diameter stump. my chainsaw was insulted that i used it on a mere bean plant but i tried the hand saw and couldn't do it.
-made popcorn, the kids love popcorn and it is such a special treat. i make it old style, over the stove and only used lemon pepper to season it. normally i like to put on some fresh grated parmesan or asiago. alas we have no cheese.
-picked swiss chard and carrots for soup and quiche.
-helped make chicken soup. we have two gallons left over for the weeks lunches. they are outside cooling in half gallon mason jars--yum.
-i fixed my garage door opener. my secret hidden switch got wet in the latest storm system and incapicitated the entire system. i gauged my finger in ther process. i know better than to do anything without gloves but i always try anyway.

this week i met this guy "hot rod" he's a local radiant heat and solar guy. he seemed smart and tapped in to the local scene. i was just slightly disappointed cause i imagined someone of garys caliber. what the hell do i expect this *is* missouri. i guess the disappointment came because his opinions were stronger and his depth was less than garys. gary was my old boss at SLP. i wasn't there looking for a job--just hoping for a kindred spirit. anyway i'll meet him again and maybe things will be a bit different then. you'd think that i'm too old to harbor such idealism.

the wood-stove heater is cranking. the house is too warm. ha, i bite and flick my thumb in the face of the cold weather. i just came back from putting the chickens up. it is really cold out there. i have a huge pile of insulation in the garage that i hope to get some into the attic very soon. the problem is that i need to do some electrical work up there before i insulate. some of the plastic wire insulation was chewed off, by a rodent, while the house was abandoned.

i also plan to run another circuit from the main for a wall fan (between the bathroom and front room), a duct fan thermostatically controlled from the wood stove to the bedroom and the outlet for the refrigerator that isn't grounded.

i toyed with the idea of installing a back porch light, which i now have all the stuff for, but baby-time-warp has stole part of my day again. singing rocky horror time warp song
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