Sunday, October 29, 2006

buying local

the refrigerator went on the blink the other day. i was terrified that it was something serious. it seems that it had simply froze-up the automatic defrost stopped working. we manually defrosted it. things should return to normal but i have been instructed on the next measure to take if it happens again. buying from the local appliance store has paid off quite well. the prices are slightly higher than lowes but the difference in delivery usually makes up for it. but the best thing that happens is when things go wrong, which they aways do, there is someone to hold accountable. the owner of the store has personally came out to fix our washer at no charge--and it was our fault. the other funny thing that is different and better. i went to get a new water filter for the refrigerator and wrote down the numbers and names on the inner tag to be sure if i got the right one. he only asked one question "is it the one that you replace from the bottom grill?" if i were at homedepot i would have spent several minutes looking for a not-helpful employee and he'd have to consult some intricate reference catalog and i'd still end up with the wrong thing.
the kids are enjoying the fall

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