Monday, October 23, 2006

day off

last night was the first truly rough night since toly arrived. he woke both kids up and re-confirmed the mighty triumvirate's agenda. a funny thing has occurred with trisan and kassi. they have coalesced into a single force of uber feisty proportions. if the american indians had formed half as strong inter-tribe alliances the white man wouldn't have stood a chance.

we started tristan in a tae kwon do class on saturday mornings. he was very scared until the very end. when he finally got into it, it was time to leave. needless to say tristan felt unfulfilled and we had a little breakdown. tae kwon doe wasn't my first choice for an activity for him but that was all that is available in the area. i thought fencing would be really cool, alas that'd take living in a big city again. soccer will be the next pursuit for him.

i'd like to find something special for kassi too. tristan is the minimum age for tae kwon doe. i might instill a father-daughter night alone for a dress up dinner and pleasant company. i'd like that and she'd probably like it too.

i took the day off partially because of the lack of sleep. although, there were a few other conspiring events that solidified my decision. the guineas were killed, by an owl we suspect, last night. the house was a catastrophe from a weekend of movies and popcorn. i helped clean it the very first thing after chores.

things i did today also included:
-heavily mulch around the swiss chard--heavy frost predicted tonight.
-fixed tristans drawers--they were used as a stairway one too many times.
-turned the compost and queued a completed batch for the garden
-tore down merlins temporary shelter--nimue was trying to eat it.
-went to the P.O. and notary (certificate of live unassisted homebirth)

the garden
turnips are looking great.
swiss chard is unbelievably wonderful.
garlic is up and looking great.
beets are looking tasty.
the tomatoes are dead dead dead
mostly things are winding down.

the broiler chickens are ready to be slaughtered. we have solicited our wonderful neighbor to help butcher them for a share of the bounty. john agreed, so we'll just have to set down a date and do it. tabitha will manage the kids while john and i do the deed.

kassi just woke up and gave me the most wonderful smile.
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