Thursday, October 26, 2006

morning chores

i am the manual manure spreader at the pile of omelays. each morning i collect the four to seven shovels full of dung (whatever is available). i heap them in one of three compost bins and dutifully cultivate them into the garden after a bit of fermenting. lately the wood stove has been adding another dimension to the concoction. i see it as nutrition for the food that we eat. making the compost makes me feel closer to the beginning of the process.

the broiler chickens are eating twenty five pounds of food every three days. i fill their feeders each morning and refill their water. most of the kinks of the watering system are worked out. i haven't had to do anything except re-fill their water in weeks. no disassembling and cleaning intricate parts or parched chickens every time i check on them.

the cows require grain and attention each morning. they especially like the dried beet pulp. we stopped milking since anatoly but nimue is still making milk and needs nourishment. the laying chickens love it when i feed the cows because there is always plenty of grain for them to snatch. feeding time is always a high energy moment, almost frantic.

i feel a real connection with the earth living this way. the circle of life is very apparent. fulfillment comes from the smallest things--from the beets we grew to the chickens we raised and slaughtered. simply eating dinner has many levels of fulfillment.
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