Monday, October 16, 2006

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toly's cord fell off yesterday. i say stop growing up!!! is it me or is time flying and kids are growing too fast. toly rolled over yesterday--i thought it was by accident. then last night he rolled over twice to get to tabitha while she was nursing kassi. what is the deal? why can't our babies just stay and stop growing up literally overnight? i'd settle for just slowing to some normal pace. it makes me so grumpy.
athough a welcome growth is kassi has taken to going and getting a pile of baby wipes and stacking them and putting them away. she does this of her own volition. she is amazing. kassi and tristan really love toly. tristan made a funny riddle yesterday. he has been contriving riddles for quite a few months now. i remember his his very first one. "what is round and licky and oh, so sticky?" answer: lollipop
yesterdays was "what is cute and roley and you guys can't stop staring at him?"
it rained all night last night and is til raining this morning. i measured two and an eighth inches a couple of hours ago.

to answer some comments:

i still haven't brought in the sweet potatoes. maybe once the rain slows i'll go get them. i guess they don't really need to dry out just get above 85 degrees for a few days. allegedly they'll need to be covered by damp cloth when next to the wood stove.

the broiler chickens have maybe two weeks left. our neighbor john has offered to help slaughter them. we'll give him some of the bounty when we are done.

thank you pablo for the compliment and yes there is plenty that i cannot do. as for the stuff i can do, i blame my parents. they raised me with a fierce independence and a desire to do everything myself. a person cannot be afflicted thus without the confidence to back it up. i fumble through life my head thick with confidence and some how always manage to follow through after i have leapt head-long into many a complicated endeavour.

yes, matt the salsa is good. you can have as much as you can eat when you come to visit.
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