Monday, September 11, 2006

the house is painted

i finished it. from photos it looks pretty much like the ones in the previous post. it was too dark to get shots last night and it is raining this morning. i'll get to it later today. i took the day off today because i worked a really really long day yesterday (dawn to dusk)and need the rest. besides i need to go look at a small job and give them an estimate. it is for larry's father and he needs a door hung. learning how to hang a door is one of my most vivid memories of my father teaching me how to do something. i don't really remember the place (my grandparents, my uncles, or our house) but i have vivid tunnel vision view of him using a chisel to create the slot for the hinges. memories are funny things like that.

i also have an appointment for thursday the 14th at 2 pm to work at jacks house. he really likes to be called john but i've only ever known him as jack and didn't recognize his name when he called. i hope to get a sizable client base before winter. additionally, i need to get my finances figured for tax purposes. i guess i should set up a little business since that is what i plan to do for income.

photos to come after the rain stops.
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