Saturday, September 16, 2006 the place to be. farm living is the life for me....

i turned my compost bins today. the best part was that delicious black gold that i displayed in this post. we nestled it around the swiss chard and asparagus. it is supposed to rain tomorrow and it will wash down into the mulch that we put around the asparagus. i hope for a big bounty in the spring of two whole weeks of asparagus--that is all we are supposed to pick this first spring. this full bin should end up slightly less than half its current volume when it is finally finished. this bin is about three weeks old with fresh manure added as late as yesterday.

i have started repairing our grey water leach line. about 18 feet of 2" pvc is buried and i have 12 more feet to go. i'll do that tomorrow morning. this will act as an overflow and dumps past the yard fence. the walnut tree that lives right at the termination should really like all the water.

tristan helped me pull nails from some scrap trim that has been laying around as a tetanus hazard. i pulled the nails and he pulled all the staples. he actually was really good at it and finished before i did. he also helped when i was digging the trench for the pipe. he sorted the rocks from the dirt and got over half a bucket from just that little distance. kassi helped too.

there is a power struggle between the roosters and the guineas. i hope enrique ends as the final victor. on a funny note the guineas have adopted one of the hens they preen her follow her around and won't let the roosters near her. i'm not sure what to think of it but it is really odd to watch.
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