Sunday, December 10, 2006

barn roof update

Tom came over this morning to help put on the roof. He and I put on the second half of the rafters and started cutting the metal for the roof
John helped put up the metal.
things went fairly smoothly until...
I smashed my thumb...


we got a quite a bit accomplished. i cut and installed the north side rafters. tom and i put in the south side rafters and the nailers for the metal roof. john showed just in time to put up the metal roof and see me smash my thumb.

my neighbors are wonderful. i didn't ask either of them to help with the barn and they both insisted. they are great, giving and generally *there* for us. i have a difficult time accepting help so living here in the ozarks has been a learning experience. a person really does need help on occasion. this barn raising has been a perfect example of the kindness of neighbors and the brighter side of human nature.
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