Monday, December 25, 2006

picasa posting to new blogger sucks

tabith took this photo of me. sometimes toly cannot be consoled by any means other than a restaining him in a sling and bouncing on the yoga-birth-ball feaverishly.

this is the big pile of chat that i had delivered. i have been using it to fill bags for the walls of the root cellar. i did about twenty bags yesterday and back filled the area. about 4 pm on christmas eve i stumbled carrying one of the bags (roughly 150 pounds) and landed agianst the water main. it broke and started gushing water. i had to get in the car and jet to lowes to get the parts necessary to fix it. otherwise we'd have no water for christmas day.

the chickens are on restriction again. they have been very naughty. no eggs for us. freeloading chickens anyway...

toly is so strong and healthy and chubby. i like a chubby baby.
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