Thursday, December 21, 2006

tristan has fever

my poor boy is very sick. he has a fever and sore throat. we took him to get a throat culture yesterday. i have been grumpy as a result. last night i was awake with him more than a dozen times getting little sips of water, cleaning up vomit mess if he drank too fast, trying to coax him to take children's advil and generally trying to comfort him. he has always had terrible nightmares and has learned to take control of his nightmares and turn them into good dreams. last night he had night terrors and was too sick to consciously change them. he was screaming and flailing. i just held him and told him i was there and wouldn't let anything happen to him.

i have a special empathy for his plight since i too had night terrors as a child. he is so much further along than i ever was. it took me well into my twenty's before i got a handle on my nightmares and learned to take an active role in them.

yesterday afternoon i cut down four trees in the shaded pasture. three of them were black locust. they are also not native. i dislike them because they have huge thorns that grow up their trunks and seem to encourage poison ivy to grow up them. i hauled about six wheel barrow loads of cord wood up to the barnifactors pile--which is almost complete. he came by the other day and got the first cord of wood. that was the same day that the washer repair man came to show me how to un-clog our own washer. mike stopped in to see what all the excitement was and took the circus of visitors to the next level.

it has been raining here and we need it. soft wet ground makes it difficult to push a fully loaded wheel barrow up from the ravine. maybe by the weekend things will get a little less sloppy and i can finish hauling wood to the barnifactors pile. next in the queue is our wood for next winter. i plan to cut, split and stack the wood in little piles in the forest. then next fall i'll either barrow bobs tractor and trailer or solicit mike with his gear to help me get the few loads from the forest. this winter will be the true test of how easy it will be for me to get wood ready for next year.

tabitha got me the soundtrack to elizabeth town and we have been enjoying it. now we have to rent the movie again. some marketing genius figured out an excellent way to get even more money for their movie release.

tabitha looked up the word meme (rhymes with theme) and the results are interesting. so my snippet of cultural information that i'd like to exchange is: my favorite move that i saw this year was *walk the line*

what was your favorite new movie viewed in 2006?
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