Tuesday, December 12, 2006

excellent photos

tristan, tabitha and toly had a little photo session today while kassi slept. better known as the "T" triumvirate. kassi and i aren't part of their little club.

rosie, tristan and toly are getting so big. tristan grew an inch within the last two months. toly has almost doubled his birth weight. rosie is just a huge dog and is getting bigger as i write.

tristan's hair is getting long. he likes it that way and we encourage his decisions. strangers here in the bible belt steeped in their regime of stereotyping the sexes annoy me with, "isn't she pretty." i had long hair as a kid also and remember people making similar mistakes. it never troubled me then--i wonder why it bothers me now?

my kassi angel-princess has been extraordinarily loving lately. i get the best hugs from her they make my heart ache. this micro-age, she reminds me of her mother. she has been feisty as ever.
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