Friday, May 04, 2007

baker creek festival this sunday

we are going to the baker creek heirloom seed festival this weekend. what are heirloom seeds and why are they so important? heirloom seeds are basically seed lines that someone has raised from generation to generation saving the seeds each time. ideally, only the best tasting and the most suited to that specific environment pass their genes to the next generation *nurtured selection*. we believe this it important because bio diversity in life is one of the reasons we are here today. dead-end hybrids depend on monsanto and others like them to provide for the next years seeds.

mostly we are interested in saving seeds because we live in a micro-climate in the ozarks and having our garden adapted to the subtle nuances of this area seems like and obvious choice. besides our seed order next year will be much less expensive.

saving seeds is serious business and people are as passionate about it as some are about solar energy. it is another way you can make a difference for our future.
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