Monday, May 28, 2007

farm photos

the tomatoes are coming to the front

the new loft floor. rough sawed hickory, still green.

the gate that karl built


uncle matt said...

Was wondering were you've been! Now cow! All the work you've been doing looks great, especially the old-timey gate. I liked the birthday panorama also. old are you this year? Oh, yeah, still older than me.

Danielle said...

I love the gate too. It looks so rustic.

ben said...

Hey Karl,

I stumbled across your blog recently and have really enjoyed it. We lead remarkably parallel lives. My family and I live in northern VT on an off-grid (pv, wind, solar hot water) farmstead... 4 cows, 5 sheep, pigs (usually, but not this year), meat and layer birds, huge gardens, blueberries, etc. None of it paying in the financial sense, but tremendously rewarding in a way money can't buy.

I'm a writer. Magazines. Outdoor/adventure (Outside, Men's Journal, Skiing etc), and energy stuff (Popular Mechanics, etc). It's a good gig. Not a ton of money, but the flexibility is fantastic.

We bought our land in '97 and didn't know how lucky we were to get in before things went nuts. Couldn't touch it now. Got married, built a house (still building a house, come to think of it). Had two boys at home.

Your stonework is beautiful. And your ingenuity is obvious in your numerous projects. I'm going to rip-off your stanchion design. We've been milking with just a chain hitch, which works great, but when she freshened (her first), she freaked out and stomped her calf near to death. We nursed it along for 2 days and then I had to shoot it, which wasn't fun. She's due again in a month and I think a stanchion is in order.

Read your post about tilling. We have an old tiller, but we've moved away from it in favor of a broadfork. It's fantastic. More work up front, but much better for the soil and ultimately fewer weeds.

I should go. Thanks for blogging. I'll check back.

edifice rex said...

Wonderful photos; ya'lls place looks great! So green... everything here is about to dry up and turn to powder.

tansy said...

great work! i love the hickory foors and gate.

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