Tuesday, May 01, 2007

new compost bin

i finally got some pallets and made a new compost bin.

tabitha's milking area was getting kinda deep. she continually adds new straw on top of the general area which gets trampled down. i pitchforked everything into a wheelbarrow and filled the new compost bin to the top. this stuff should decompose very quickly since the raw materials are much smaller than my usual raw ingredient. i still have a couple of yards of compost that is almost ready to be added to the garden.

i also took down the big top. it was an eyesore that has passed it's time.

sorry for the boring post. this is the best place for me to document this stuff.

*************** UPDATE *******************

chicken hatching chicks at the pile of omelays

the tomatoes are liking their new digs.

left to right--nimue, romeo, aliyah

tabitha picking our evening salad.


Gracious Acres said...

Such a peaceful scene considering all the hard work that goes into it - - what a lovely life.

sugarcreekfarm said...

How fun, chicks hatching!

Wish my garden was as far along as yours.

Ang. said...

Please tell me about your hens. I would like for some of my hens to hatch out some eggs. What breed do you have? So far I haven't had any broody hens although I did buy some Speckled Sussex which are supposed to set. Tell all, please!

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