Wednesday, May 02, 2007

nine chicks so far

two more to go. none of the wyandottes showed any signs of going broody. only henny-penny-sally rose to the occasion. she is a newhampshire red--one of the free chicks that came with a broiler order from mc murrary. she has been the friendliest chicken all along and is now the best mother.

a friend that raises many chicks told us to leave a bunch of eggs in one nest and someone will surely go broody. i have no other tricks to offer except we have moved the whole nest to the chick brooder to make her job of protecting them easier. we have yet to have a complete success.

******************* UPDATE ***********************

all eleven are hatched and cozied in under their protective mama, henny-penny-sally. it appears to be a mixed batch. i believe that the rule of gray-scale chickens will still loosely be followed.
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