Wednesday, May 02, 2007

nine chicks so far

two more to go. none of the wyandottes showed any signs of going broody. only henny-penny-sally rose to the occasion. she is a newhampshire red--one of the free chicks that came with a broiler order from mc murrary. she has been the friendliest chicken all along and is now the best mother.

a friend that raises many chicks told us to leave a bunch of eggs in one nest and someone will surely go broody. i have no other tricks to offer except we have moved the whole nest to the chick brooder to make her job of protecting them easier. we have yet to have a complete success.

******************* UPDATE ***********************

all eleven are hatched and cozied in under their protective mama, henny-penny-sally. it appears to be a mixed batch. i believe that the rule of gray-scale chickens will still loosely be followed.


Ang. said...

Sweet! I am jealous. I will try the trick of leaving eggs in a nest and see if anything happens. Will you butcher the extra roosters from this brood?

Danielle said...

Congrats on self-sustaining birds!

That's our goal as well. Our Narragansett turkey hen finally started setting the other day. She must've had a clutch of at least 13 eggs! We'll see what happens! We haven't let any of our chicken hens set yet, as we don't yet have the genetic diversity for our breeding program. We may let a few them go in the next week or so and keep those for a late broiler batch.

Touch the Earth Farm

rhonda jean said...

I love wyandottes. I've been trying to get some but no one is breeding them close by. It's good to see such a large clutch of chicks.

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