Thursday, September 18, 2008

apples apples apples...

we put up thirty four more quarts of apples today. it took four hours. the grand total is fifty seven. then there is the the apple sugar juice pectin. we have three more quarts of that. we plan to pick the rest of the tree this weekend as to not offend the gods of bounty. when opportunity arises to pantry-up a bounty one must oblige else really bad things happen--famine, starvation ect... ;)

wendy over at home is has an interesting post. it made me panic for a few seconds. we are not ready to be post economic collapse. we have been working toward that for a while, three years, from scratch.

i have a 1000 watt inverter and two 120 watt solar panels and a deep cycle battery. i'm not quite ready for a power outage let alone keeping our freezer and fridge going indefinitely. we heat with wood and i have the ability to cut from our back property for several years. assuming i can get gas for my chainsaw.

we have hay for the cows and are pretty stable getting more from my father-in-law. grain for the cows would be an issue but we could figure out alternatives. we would survive from our garden if we could pantry our stores. this year was a bust but we might still squeak by anyway. next year our garden will be a different story.

i still have to build a composting toilet and would make serious efforts toward a methane digester. i could power my truck via methane if i really had to. they did it in germany during WWII.

we have a cistern and a well that i could get a pump to fill it during rain shortages. we have access to a pond and would use it for our animals if necessary. we also have a berkey drinking water filter that would provide for our family. i know how to build a solar still to purify water and have most of the stuff to do it. plus, i know how to use make and use charcoal as a water filter.

our solar water heater isn't installed but i could have a makeshift version ready in a few days and have the full scale version working within a few weeks. i'd put the final supplies on a credit card to build it.

we also would have a commodity of fresh milk to barter for many things--assuming we could adequately defend ourselves. we also have hens that lay an excess of eggs but require grain during the winter.

yikes this is too scary to think about anymore.

i still have to put more straw into jaocelyn's pen--see yesterdays to-do list.
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