Thursday, September 25, 2008


i got a cool award. i never know what to say. i'm still amazed that anyone bothers to read my blog.
thank you saille--that umbridge post entertained me greatly also.

i have thought about making my own blog award to hand out to all of your worthy blogs. alas i barely have time to post once in a while.

tabitha just signed me up for facebook. it's kinda like a virtual high school reunion. my jury is still out on it--past, present or future? where does it fit? i like this moment right now... no, no, riiiigghht now... wait wait.... riiiiight now..


uncle matt said...

How about now? How about! I've got caught you enjoying the ride and getting into the updates at Facebook. Told you it was addicting! And, something you can do with a baby in the other arm.
BTW, FB is past, present and future!Except I don't think they pass out awards.
Congratulations on yours! And thanks to those who tuned in, recognized your achievements and nominated you. You earned it!

Saille said...

Oh, I am so disturbed by that aspect of Facebook. There are three groups devoted to my elementary school. No kidding. I would prefer some of these people don't find me.

The sadist in me must point out that, if you get the Flock browser, you can see people's updated status in a sidebar.

Beth said...

I tried FB and found it to be too intrusive. In order to actively participate, I felt like I was constantly telling the world what I was doing right at that moment. And then everyone on my friends list knew what I was doing and then all my friend's friends knew what I was doing. just got to be too much. So with a click of the mouse, I deleted myself and went back to my introverted self. I feel much better.


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