Thursday, September 04, 2008

is it just me?

or does Sarah Palin

remind you of Dolores Umbridge too?

**** EDITED *****
tabitha did a search, she said "we can't possibly think that we are the only one that see the similarities"
here is what she found

jeff has even photoshopped them together. below are some of the obvious parallels copied from jeff's site.

Common Interest - Beliefs & Causes
The similarities are astounding. Here's a few:
1. Palin has enjoyed a meteoric rise to the center of politics. Umbridge, likewise, came from nowhere to take over Hogwarts.
2. They resemble toads, wear glasses, and have an affinity for all things pink.
3. Both like censorship. Umbridge censored using wands and having fun, and Palin tried to censor certain books in a public library that were against her morals (bizarre b/c Palin is a communications major--turncoat!).
4. Both were selected to high posts by really old dudes. Come to think of it, McCain might even be Cornelius Fudge...hmmm...
5. They both have acidic personalities--either agree with them or leave. Umbridge polarized Hogwarts while Palin, upon being elected mayor of tiny Wasilla, Alaska, asked a bunch of her staff to resign if they supported the former mayor.
6. Both ignore obvious problems. Umbridge ignored the constant evidence that Voldemort was returning to power, whereas Palin ignores the fact that her daughter is living proof that abstinence-only education is retarded.
7. Both have a tendency of being wicked with a sunny disposition. Umbridge, among other things, make Harry scar himself with pointless discipline, with a smile, while Palin is willing to send our troops to die for an unjust cause, with a smile (idea compliments of Charles Mitchell).

The list can go on, and I'm sure over time it will. But the fact is that we as a country are seriously considering a Fudge/Umbridge--I mean, McCain/Palin ticket.


Ophelia Dreaming said...

um, yep. 17 year old daughter agrees and has run sceaming out of the room.

Gaile said...

yep. right there with ya on that one Karl.

Rixa said...

haha! Cracks me up. Seriously, though, I am very worried what will happen to our country if McCain gets elected. As in, I think there's a very good possibility he will go nuclear. I'd prefer a nice happy non-radiated life, thank you very much.

Danielle said...

Absolutely considering it!!! The alternative is just down right frightening! I could do a comparison of Obama and Satan but I guess that should happen on my blog. Can we say "father of lies"?

karl said...


for the record i'm neither, democrat or republican. i'm one of those bleeding heart liberals--rather the green party. but since i'm now in missouri without a green party i vote for who ever is the greenest.

politicians put themselves out-there and deserve judgment. isn't that the point? shouldn't i attempt to judge if a candidate might make a good leader? and, making fun of them is a grand time tested tradition.

some folks base their decision on the abortion issue. i say leave it to the individual states since we are so polarized over it. it would be legal in california and not in missouri. i base my decision on very selfish principals. i want the planet to be livable for my kids and grand kids. i want them to be able to eat good food and breathe clean air. the environment is my true concern. in fact, i view it as a deeper issue since if there is no reasonable place for a baby to live then the argument over abortion is mute.

some might say that we aren't responsible for the climate change and that voldemort isn't back;)

danielle, i respect you and wish that you and joe were our neighbors. i try to give everyone a fair shake and not judge them. i don't like to be judged therefore i can only treat others like i hope to be treated--but i'm not a politician either. i hope our friendship is deeper than politics--i believe it to be.

warmest regards and please forgive my political tangent and cheap shots at candidates that i won't vote for.

Kramer said...

Is there a green party, or party that is even greener? After watching both conventions, I think I found myself vomiting in my own mouth several times. Listening to all the issues, telling me that they are going to lower taxes, make daycare schools, I mean public schools better, give everyone raises, stop war, support US agriculture (commodity farmers), and bring about bi-partisan union in Washington. Come on, keep telling me what you want me to hear.

I believe to be libertarian, as little govt. as possible, with rules and laws that affect the whole rather than each individual. If I don't want to wear my seat belt, that is my choice, but I don't mind driving 70 mph on the highway.

However, abortion is a huge issue and the largest form of genocide that is protected by US law. I love nature, the pure creation of the Creator, God Himself, but human life is the greatest creation of all. Not dogs, cats, whales, monkeys, bald eagles, or all the endangered species out there that are protected by law. There are more laws protecting animals that there are protecting unborn children who are dying because people just want to "have fun." Sorry, if you can't be responsible, and take responsibility for your actions, then even the animals are smarter than you because they get pregnant out of instinct, and don't abandon or terminate their pregnancies early.

I also will never support a candidate that will not acknowledge the American Flag or participate in the National Anthem or Pledge of Allegiance. If you don't believe in it, then move to France. They will gladly take a man like Obama and let them be their fearless and courageous leader.

The welfare system is ridiculous. Medicaid and Medicare should be only for the disabled and elderly. Not some 20 something mom with 6 kids from 6 different dads who sits at home all day. They say that they will make sure that every underpriveleged child will receive healthcare. They already do. I work for the Houston Fire Dept also and I will tell you that every child we pick up has medicaid if they can't afford insurance...unfortunately the mother also is on it and will continue having a 7th child because she feels no burden to bare. Just more WIC money. Unfortunately, the children have to suffer because of the irresponsibilities of their parents, so until they change, the system can't change because the children must be provided for.

All I can do is speak for myself and I will be voting for John McCain/Palin. Not because I necessarily like the guy, he did serve our country that he will be leading, but I do believe you have to hold to your beliefs and stick with them regardless of circumstance or hardships. My hope is in Christ, and I at least can admire Palin for her moral beliefs and her choosing life for the unborn.

But at the end of the day, I will continue doing what I do best. Loving Christ, my wife and kids, and raising food the way God created it. Regardless of who wins, they can't take 3 of those things away.

pablo said...

I think in this election we have the choice between making history or repeating history.

Senator Obama will get my vote.

Danielle said...

I took the post in the humor it was intended...hence my comment! I hope you got a chuckle!

We vote in our house for the people who are "for the people". I'm not convinced Obama will make government smaller. In fact, I fear he is for Socialism and making Government my daddy. It concerns me greatly. Conservative or liberal makes no difference to us. We don't vote party lines either...but the grouping who will get our vote will be the ones who want government smaller. As far as being green. I hear that. But I haven't yet seen how Obama will be any greener than McCain. I think being green is up to the millions of us on our day to day life right now. Making choices that benefit this ecosystem we have and doing what we can to make things better. I'm looking forward to the debates. If nothing else, should make for some interesting reading from you and others. :o) Pot shots and all!

Got the picture of little Rome and he is absolutely gorgeous as I've gushed to Tabitha.

Danielle said...

P.S. I really identify with what Kramer wrote above in his comment.

Anonymous said...

Indeed.. life is beautiful...

Love to you all


romneya said...

the mark of cain i mean mccain promises to drill and drill now in the U.S. as his solution. that offends me. obama says he'll look to develop alternative energy foremost. assuming both are telling the truth obama wins the greener than thou award. if one or the other is lying is doesn't really matter because the only chance we have for our environment is in obama.

drilling in the us will help nothing for at least 7 years and the only ones that will really benefit will be the oil companies--aka bush's/mccain's *cronies.

as far as the abortion issue, the republicans have been using it to lure the religious right out to vote then fleecing the economy while standing on the righteous pulpit of anti-abortion. i say disarm them and leave the issue to the states since there is never any hope of overturning roe V.S. wade because we are truly polarized over this issue and it disables our political process worse that any of our legislative flaws.

our national security is in jeopardy from voldemort i mean global warming and we need to stand up and do something about it besides drilling for more oil.

*cronies: financial campaign supporters

mamabug said...


oh, my. I hope you don't mind that I share this with a couple hundred Countdown with Keith Olbermann fans...

I was personally thinking Boris and Natasha...

My main concerns are that the status quo is no answer to the issues this country faces... change needs to happen. The rancor and hatred that I see online and in print reflects on times gone by -- the 1960s, for instance, with its civil unrest over race and war.

I hope everyone at least makes their choice based on logical and researched reasoning, rather than the vitriolic misuse of patriotism, gender and race.

The whole world is watching. I have to admit I am bugged by the put down of community and the idea of wanting the American Dream back as being socialist...

Jesus was a community organizer. Pontius Pilate was a governor... small communities are the backbone of this country.

OK, politics over... back to laughing at the comparison you made! It is, at least, original!

mamabug said...

Thought you might like this url, an article by Deepak Chopra:

or this, in case that was too long to read in a narrow paragraph

well reasoned thinking.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that every time someone disagrees with you, you come back with, "Don't judge me." Once you've even gone so far as to say, "I never judge anyone and I refuse to be judged." Half the time, I don't think people are judging you and you are over reacting. So just relax. Also, after your comments Palin, you can no longer honestly say that you never judge anyone anymore.

karl said...

anon, i find it interesting that you post anonymously. did you read my paragraph "politicians put themselves out-there and deserve judgment. isn't that the point? shouldn't i attempt to judge if a candidate might make a good leader? and, making fun of them is a grand time tested tradition."

as far as judging me i'm not up for any office. i still stick my neck out and share my life even with people whom are anonymous and aren't willing to put their neck on the line. it must be a comfortable place--safe and secure? anonymous

cat said...

you hit the nail on the head!! i'm so nervous our country will vote for that ticket and we'll see the same and worse of what we are getting now. i know politicians are just that, politicians. none are perfect, and all play the game unfortunately. but i just can NOT fathom having that woman anywhere near our white house. she'd censor harry potter for sure!

everyone has a right to their opinion for sure...and we can all learn from each no judgement here to anyone who wants to vote the way they do...even if i do think it might be a huge mistake..;) peace to you all!!!!

oh, and one more the person who brought up community service being the backbone of our society...right on!!!! :)

Madeline said...

I knew she reminded me of someone. Thanks for helping me solve that nagging thought!

Wendy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wendy said...

Very funny post, Karl. I'm not a Harry Potter fan, though, and so you don't have to worry about me voting for that ticket. I'm thinking I might appeal to my state's electoral college to write in Ron Paul ... or Snoopy ;).

Anonymous said...

I'm annon because I'm not a google blogger and I don't have a blogger name. All I said was you need to relax. Sheesh! Calm down.

Anonymous said...

They do look alike. Give Sarah another 10 years and to that comparison again.

I think people forget that we are voting for the President and not a King. With the exception of the war, the president has very little power over how the country is run. Only veto power. If you are unhappy with the last few years, you can only blame a congress controlled by Democrats. It would be their actions or lack of action that is responsible.

Anonymous said...

For the issue of abortion, The pro-life group sees this as the slaughter of a human life. An innocent child's life. There are many families that would love to have these children.If you ever want to see the Democratic party win hands down, all they would have to do is drop their pro-abortion stance. There are many families that would love to have these children. Odd that they would defend the life of murderers and rapists but are happy to allow children to be killed.

Thanks for giving us all a chance to discuss the issues.


mamabug said...

Can I steal the photo your friend made? It's hilarious!

and one little note, I can't help myself... Congress wasn't controlled by Dems until 2006 and even then, there's not a big enough majority to override a Presidential veto.

Just being truthful to counter balance the earlier post... and the President CAN nominate judges to the Supreme Court -- a very powerful function.

karl said...

joe, thanks for commenting and especially signing your name. i am not a woman nor willing to be part of the solution so my, opinion shouldn't really count, but here it is anyway.

babies are already filling our foster care system and aren't wanted by any of those parents that you referred to. that doesn't mean they don't deserve a life. in fact they deserve a better chance than they are getting. my family had many foster kids when i was growing up. they were sadly mostly broken and were barely getting by. is it worse to have child that will be abandoned to a life of institutions? somehow i see that as a worse sin--an ongoing offense that accrues to a sin worse than murder. yes there are many successes and some children do come out on top. personally if i were a
little angel waiting to be born i'd just as soon die, return to heaven and try again for a loving family that really wanted me. would it be murder? GOD can decide at judgment day.

for the record i couldn't kill any baby in or out of the womb. but since i have never fulfilled my childhood promise to myself of starting an orphanage that somehow managed to raise loved children, i don't believe my opinion should be be imposed on any woman.

i saw a bumper sticker once that said "keep your laws off my body." i was young and though it was about seat belt laws. it wasn't.

since i'm not willing to adopt any of those unwanted children or love them like my own i don't believe that i am qualified to chime in on it. anyone that says that abortion should be illegal and that medicaid should be revoked is not taking responsibility for their actions as egregiously as that young girl that just wanted a good time without ramifications.

Carla said...

Karl, I stop in occasionally, and Tabitha may even remember me, so I'm not some person who just randomly clicked in. I wouldn't want anyone to think I came in here trying to further the abortion debate, which unfortunately took over the comments of your blog entry ;)

FWIW, I am a registered democrat and a woman. One who would never have an abortion, and who would also attempt to talk any friend or family member out of having one. But I am, FIRMLY pro choice.
I wish people would understand that A) the pro choice position will always remain on the platform of the democratic party. It is not a matter of "killing the unborn", but rather a matter of a woman's right making her own medical decisions, INCLUDING BIRTH CONTROL. Not abortion as birth control, but run of the mill, medical pregnancy inhibiting measures. To name one type: your average birth control pill.
B) Sane education, meaning no abstinence only. Want proof it doesn't work? The VP candidate's daughter is proof. If abstinence only education doesn't work in that type of household, is it going to work in others? No.


Democrats don't like abortion. We aren't PRO abortion (thats sick! And I find anyone who suggests that to be uninformed, brainwashed, and offensive)

We do however, support common sense approaches to unwanted pregnancy prevention. PREVENTION! If there are no unwanted pregnancies, elective abortions become unnecessary and RARE.

Thanks for letting me vent! (or feel free to delete.. I wouldn't mind)

Kramer said...

"is it worse to have child that will be abandoned to a life of institutions?"

What about the elderly, who can't take care of themselves and are in assisted living centers.

The M.R. child that has to have his/her family take care of him most of his life.

The disabled, who end up living in group homes.

I guess every prisoner should be given the death sentence because after being institutionalized, they apparently can't be rehabilitated and have a productive life. (I am from TX so it is clear that I support the death penalty when needed.)

The list could go on and on. The problem is that it costs way too much money for families to adopt and the foster system that is set up by the govt is nearly impossible to work with.

An unborn child is innocent of any crimes, and is no burden to anyone, other than the irresponsible mother that couldn't figure out that your suppose to wear a condom.

I will preach abstinence in my house because that is what I expect. However, my child will not have to have some govt program come along side and preach that she needs to practice safe sex. That is common sense and once again, there doesn't need to be a govt program to initiate it.

This is what makes America what it is. People that view things opposite but can still work together to get things done. Some people are just harder to work with than others.

Fun discussion.

tabitha said...

"An unborn child is innocent of any crimes, and is no burden to anyone, other than the irresponsible mother that couldn't figure out that your suppose to wear a condom."

this is karl's wife, tabitha.

i just have to know, where exactly is this 'irresponsible mother' supposed to put that condom? as a woman, i am surprised i don't already know... being familiar with my own anatomy and all.

Kramer said...

More clearly, the two individuals that are participating in this irresponsible act should know where to put the is unfortunate in most cases, the woman is left with the responsibility of this child with the other half fleeing because he can.

Sorry, I wasn't specific in my word selection. I by no means was saying that it is simply the woman's fault. The man is just as much to blame if not more. I should have made my thoughts more clear. Thank you, I can see where that could be taken wrong.

Danielle said...

Just cause I am a woman and it makes my opinion matter...I guess. I think abortion is murder. Point blank. There is no choice to kill another or you should be put on trial. I don't care how inconvenient another is in your life, you don't just off them because it is easier and makes your problem go away. Sad stories abound but so do lovely ones and there is no earthly way to tell which baby going in to be aborted will have a sad or lovely one in the end. We've already sat by while millions of babes have been slaughtered and so with them their genius and their contributions and their chance to love. I don't think murder should be legal. Hence, abortion should be a crime. I do think you are right, Karl, in that this issue is so polarized and I think the majority thinks it fine to kill babies and "save them from a life of misery". So, do I think it will ever be crimilized But I definitely think the choice to live for the baby pre-empts the mothers choice to get her body back. It is just plain ole' murder, no matter what spin you put on it, no matter what sob story senario associated to sway someone into thinking that snuffing life is fine. I bet you most the abortions happening, are by woman who are just inconvenienced by a baby...there may be a study out there.

karl said...

thank you everyone for contributing to this post. i have had great fun and truly enjoy the banter and having my eyes opened to your perspectives. this might be my favorite blog post ever and it began as a joke.

warm regards
your faithful servant,

jessemommy said...

I am over here howling at how funny that is!

pablo said...

John McCain can lead us into the 20th Century!

Wanna BEE Farm said...


Did ya ever think a comical suggestion would turn into such a hotly debated blog response?

I am often amazed at what triggers people and the different reactions from the same trigger.

The best catalyst that I had seen to date is on a group that I belonged to.
Someone in Europe commented on how the use of windmills for energy could kill birds and bees.
My first thought was that’s pretty dumb when you consider the destructive nature of the commonly used methods Oil, Coal , NukeUleer.

The discussion that evolved from the one statement was extrealy diverse and opinionated.
But from it I learned about some people who work to keep bees in more natural method.
I am in great debt to the original poster.

This rather innocent comical post has produced responses with rather interesting turns and points of view.

“As I have told you once before Mr. Karl, naughty Bloggers deserved to be punished” ;-)

I wonder……was Delores hot when she was young. :-J

Nice work!
Keep up the catalyst

cat said...

carla hit the nail on the head...being pro-choice has nothing to do with being pro-abortion. that assumption is just ridiculous imo....

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