Saturday, September 27, 2008

my wish, that i actually said out loud

warning political rant in red against mccain

six or seven months ago i made a wish that things would get so bad that society could lash back and actually solve our problems. i was wishing this because of the slow steady decline of our world has caused us to get accustomed to far to many bad things--from hydrogenated oils in everything we eat to the disposable made-in-china widgets we get at walmart. i wanted another 60's movement where the young people coalesced into a force to be reckoned with. will it take a complete economic collapse before we change our wasteful ways? are we so blinded by political maneuvering as to not see the precipice before us?

i'm sorry for my wish because i thought most people would finally see the light. maybe we deserve a war with russia which i predict is what we'll get if mccain is elected. i've spent months in russia and found them to be wonderful and proud. mccain is bush #3 only worse because he is a war monger to-boot.

now i've got that out of my system

back to the regularly scheduled program..

the calves are both on nimue. she is really swollen and needs all the help she can get.

kassi, my hippie farm girl

toly is mad

so is tristan

several trees fell on one of the cabins at work.

i brought some of the wood home.

i plan to stack wood along this fence. it makes a wonderful barrier from the road.

we worked in the garden today. kassi had the find-dangerous-metals-stick.

toly wanted it

what are you doing

we also burned the horns on those calves.

it was one of the more evil things i have done.

i really didn't like it. that smell is like a lesion on my brain.

toly loves the swing

fun fun fun

he was scared of the swing less than a month ago.

not anymore
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