Sunday, October 19, 2008

bale feeder dark blue

kassi was unhappy about my choice of radio station--NPR.

i finished painting the hay feeder. i like the dark blue.

i also painted tabitha's milking shanty.

this could be a scene right out of mexico.

kassi was trying to catch a chicken.

i'll drag this thing to it's temporary home as soon as tabitha is finished decorating it.

heeeeaaar chicky chicky....

we might declare this blue the official out building color.

wardrobe please..

our dogs are great they just hang out and blend in.

i still have to put on the ridge cap but the feeder is almost ready for service.


edifice rex said...

Wooo, lawdy! that's bright! Love it though!

Danielle said...

The dogs are HUGE and MONGOUS! I guess I could have compounded that but it seems more impactful seperated. I love the blue. I think painting her milking shed is going to make milking so much more "fun". I think some bright orange and some yellow thrown in for some out building stuff would go great with the blue!

Beth said...

I love the blue!! That has to make you smile when you first see it every day because it made me smile when I saw the pic.

Great job.


Ed Abbey said...

I'm partially colorblind but DANG, that is a bright blue. Do they show up on satellite photos?

jayedee said...

hahaha! my kids have EXACTLY the same look when i listen to anything celtic! love the blue!

pablo said...

Yep, I do like that blue!

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