Tuesday, October 14, 2008

happy second birthday toly

toly turned two and had a party.

we had home made cake and ice cream

the kids all enjoyed themselves

tristan is trying to figure out how he can get that heart.

the adults waited patiently

enters the ice cream

hand cranking is best when everyone gets a try at the crank.

toly got a new "guck guck" or tractor for you and me.

rome got held by every of the genteeler persuasion

just a little nap until his next cute-em-up performance of flashing his dimple.

the adults had fun too. we got into a heated debate over the political quagmire that we are in. some opposing views were represented, discussed and respected. the discussion lasted for over an hour and given our different views it ended very well. being satiated by cake and ice cream probably didn't hurt.

we got new piglets, zelda and kerby. i'll post on them very soon.
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