Sunday, October 05, 2008

just a list

the cow is getting better--we hope.
i moved the waterer so acorns couldn't fall into it easily. it is an old bathtub that is really heavy. i supported it from three cedar posts that i drove into the ground. it needed to be elevated about a foot so i can plumb it for overflow into the garden.
i fell a quagmire of a tree at our neighbors. it was wedged between the house and their outbuilding.
cut and split the tree into over a rick of wood for them
i calked and painted kassi's closet pink and the kitchen door
we cleaned the pantry/laundry-room
i righted the big bee hive after the cows knocked it down
i rehung the gate to the calf pen--bad cows.
i tried a mix of styrofoam and cement along one of the walls to the root cellar. it wasn't a complete failure but didn't preform as well as i'd hoped.
i moved most of the little rock ring to back fill the root cellar--seven wheelbarrow loads full of rock.
we put an obama sign in the front yard
packaged Danielle's award to send.
we went to a bonfire the kids had a blast. there was a long bagpipes demonstration. the kids loved it. they danced and danced.

i hurt my arm--just a little. it'll take a few days to heal.
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