Friday, October 17, 2008

part two square bale feeder

today i worked half of the day at bobs so this is only a few hours progress on the do-it-yourself square bale feeder. so far i have spent $20 dollars on it. but still need to get hinges. i have a few resources that i'll try before i pay full price...

here it is without the door or ridge cap.

today i put on the condenstion barrier (billboard tarp), perlines, steel roof and hardware cloth screen bottom. here is a close up of the bottom.

here is a side shot. the dog is there for size. you figure out who it is for the dog or the feeder.

cute isn't it?

this is the wood left over from my $20 investment. i had the sheet of plywood. it was left over from some cement work my neighbor was doing.

this is the pile of scrap. the kids will play with it for a few more days then it will become kindling.

this it the billboard tarp condensation barrier. plus this is re-used steel so a little extra protection can't hurt.

tomorrow i should conclude my build your own small square bale feeder project. except for the painting..
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