Tuesday, December 02, 2008

the hardest thing

thank you all for your generous comments and well wishes. i'm not really a complainer but i strongly believe in the collective consciousness--another contribution by a namesake. carl jung is an honorary karl with a "K" in my book.

i still feel "OK" knock knock.. the sore throat is really trying to get in but my defenses are strong, zinc, astragalus extract, C, liquids and a bit of sunshine for good measure. it might get me yet. the general lack of sleep will eventually take it's toll. the tag-team middle of the night needs are perfectly timed to allow me to just barely drift off to sleep--wahhaahwhaa. luckily even the severely ill tabitha must meet most of rome's needs although he is the easiest child yet.

my boss is reluctantly understanding and officially i get family sick leave but it was all used up by rome's paternity leave. what a crappy way to use up my vacation time. not that i'd get a real vacation anyway. there are several projects around here that could get done during a couple of weeks off--grump.

even though toly has been very ill i am starting to draw the conclusion that his issues are milk related. illness or no he has had a language explosion. he has several two and three word phrases now. he says thank you when you do something for him. i always say thank you to the kids and it rubs of at an early age. he has been playing imaginary feed daddy from the coat sleeve food dispenser. it is really cute. he sat through my reading him several books. tantrums are pretty much isolated to the wearing out of pain medication.

this not being a true scientific experiment still leaves out the fact that the pain medication could be relieving some other ill. he begs for it when his time for the next dose comes due. my wort fear is that he has been in pain this whole time and we didn't know. the jury is still out..

tabitha woke briefly an hour or so ago and claimed some relief and proclaims that she is on the mend--thank God. rome has another fever and we might be at the doctor for the third day in a row today. what else is out there that we might be able to contract? a co-worker has the stomach flu i guess that could descend upon us?

so, what is the hardest thing? keeping everyone from crying at the same time. they are all asleep right now so this time doesn't really count. although if i were to try to lay down and just drift off to sleep that would be the queue.

happy birthday tabitha this what i really wanted to get you.

i know it doesn't qualify as something sexy or pretty for pretties sake but it is nice to look at. you have been wanting one forever. just pretend that we weren't way-laid by these illnesses and we could afford it. i love you. there will be sunnier days ahead and we'll bask in them.
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