Saturday, December 20, 2008

who can comment?

well it happened. creepy people have found my blog and made a creepy comment. it was creepy for creepiness sake. i have struggled what to do and have decided to merely not allow anonymous commenting. i went to my google analytics* account and decided it wasn't a regular commenter--it's scary what a person can find out if they really care to.

i know this might force some to log-in or create a blog page. sorry blame the assholes without dignity that attempt to hide behind the anonymity of their creepy perspective. i considered making a closed blog, invite only, and still might do so. having a closed blog generally goes against the belief i have about free information and wanting to give back to the internet that has given me so much instruction.

i know one reason why so many of my favorite bloggers have quit. now, there will be one further constraint to my mustering a blog post. i'll have to consider what the creepy people will think.

sorry to trouble you all with my latest drama i felt that i needed to explain why i haven't posted in a while. the regular scheduled program should continue directly.

analytics* - used to be called urchin before google bought them. i've known those fellas for over twelve years. they used to host access magazine for me as favor and the occasional AD or design work.
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