Saturday, December 20, 2008

who can comment?

well it happened. creepy people have found my blog and made a creepy comment. it was creepy for creepiness sake. i have struggled what to do and have decided to merely not allow anonymous commenting. i went to my google analytics* account and decided it wasn't a regular commenter--it's scary what a person can find out if they really care to.

i know this might force some to log-in or create a blog page. sorry blame the assholes without dignity that attempt to hide behind the anonymity of their creepy perspective. i considered making a closed blog, invite only, and still might do so. having a closed blog generally goes against the belief i have about free information and wanting to give back to the internet that has given me so much instruction.

i know one reason why so many of my favorite bloggers have quit. now, there will be one further constraint to my mustering a blog post. i'll have to consider what the creepy people will think.

sorry to trouble you all with my latest drama i felt that i needed to explain why i haven't posted in a while. the regular scheduled program should continue directly.

analytics* - used to be called urchin before google bought them. i've known those fellas for over twelve years. they used to host access magazine for me as favor and the occasional AD or design work.


Elizabeth said...

I noticed Ron commented on your 12/2 post. Has he stopped blogging? Man I hope not... I really enjoy his blog and learn so much from all of you guys.

Beth said...

I agree. It is very scary when people you don't even know can invade your "personal" space. Kind of like having your house broken into. Sorry you had a creepy post. I wondered where you had been. How are the pigs doing? They might be our next endeavor.


jenny said...

So sorry to hear about your creepy comment. I feel the same way.. I have to think twice sometimes at what I want to post. I posted a picture of my little one that I thought was cute, and then after it was up, I realized it would invite creepy comments from creepy people and I took it down. It's a damn shame we have to be careful about what we show and write.

I hope you don't stop, I already miss Ron's blog. Hope you all have a happy Christmas!

syncbox said...

Karl, can you install a comment form that uses captcha or some plugin that captures the IP address of the posters? has a secure php form that I've relied on with clients WP sites. You can have "human" poster tests and it does get the IP address of the sender... thus allowing you to block that IP.

Not sure what you can do with a blogger or blogspot account, though.

When I was doing, I got attacked by one person (female, I think) with the most AWFUL racist and nasty email attack for WEEKS. I finally had to shut it down.

I'm so sorry that some people are like monkeys... they just have to fling feces on everything.

Jessica said...

Wow, that's scary. I hope that it stops and that you don't. Your blog bring inspiration and lesson to so many people.

Rurality said...

Ooh, was it that really, really long rambling comment that has been going around, that is doesn't make any sense? I kept seeing that one on other people's blogs, and finally got it myself a while back. It was definitely creepy. I get some spam comments now and then, mostly for um, men's products!

Danielle said...

Yes, Rurality! I just got it too, and I was wondering the exact same thing!

Karl, I too wonder about blogging, how many details it's okay to give, etc. I try to encourage my desire to help others on this life journey overcome my tendency toward paranoia. I've really enjoyed "meeting" folks like you and so, so many others I've met online and subsequently in real life. Some people I consider very dear I've come to know from online connections—I know you guys have had similar connections.

Chin up and happy holidays! Tomorrow's solstice—things can only get brighter.

Constance said...

I hope you all are feeling better
Such a shame that there people like that in this world.


Constance said...

I noticed that my email addy is showing below this box ..will it show up when others are looking at the comments..probably a stupid question I know...if it is can you remove it or can I?

Katie said...

Well, poop. I'm so sorry that happened, and I can understand. Just when I start to feel good about the human race...

Mike said...

Well shucks, I hope one creep doesn't ruin it for the rest of us. Family first though!

Wendy said...

Well, that really is pretty awful. I haven't had any "creepy" comments, yet, but I don't allow anonymous comments - never have. Someone actually chastised me about it once. I ignored her ;).

I've really enjoyed your blog, and I hope that you don't feel compelled to stop sharing, but I'd understand. I've considered it, too, not because of "creepy" comments, but because I worry that I might be giving away too much information :).

LannaM said...

I'm sorry about the creepy people. :( I went rather un-personal on my own blog for months after two people who I'd thought were IRL friends attacked me (real friends wouldn't do what they did). It sucks.

I do love reading what your family's up to - especially garden/homestead wise. I can only dream of the space you have, but I've definitely gotten some good ideas from you and T. :)

Alison said...

I;m so sorry you had this experience. I really appreciate the way you and your family live and I am inspired byt the things you share. I'm sorry I don't comment more - various things at play - mostly really limited computer time due to high energy kids....anyway happy holidays to you and your family.

Woody said...

Karl...Do what you have to but I hope you keep up with letting us into ya'lls lives through your blog. I don't see eye to eye with many folk but I have come to appreciate others that live differently from me. I have also learned so much from some I would stack in the asshole bin on exactly how not to live my life.

I hope all goes well for you and yours and that this Christmas is a happy and peaceful season at the pile.


tansy said...

the blog world can be a scary thing, can't it?!

i've not blogged a lot lately because i've been feeling exposed more than usual. it comes and goes in waves i suppose.

hope you are able to keep blogging.

Robbyn said...

My husband and I have so enjoyed following your blog, and really care about your family (in a non-creepy way). I hope if it goes private if we can be included? I also am wondering the same thing as Elizabeth...we just tried looking at Ron's site and found was entitled "None." Both of your blogs are two of our favorite homesteader blogs and we'll feel so ripped off if you go offline because of the jerks out there...

Thank you for sharing the reality of your homesteading lifestyle with us and so many others...we've learned and laughed and cried right along with you. Much love from our family to yours

Robbyn and Jack

karl said...

elizabeth, i can't speak for ron but i did read on a briefly displayed page of his now empty blog that he plans to come back someday. we'll all keep our fingers crossed.

beth, i'm fairly tough skinned but not in respect to my family. the pigs are doing great. they deserve a post soon.

jenny, i'm starting to get over the drama. i too miss ron's blog.

donna, i already know the ip address of two people that visited my blog at the offending moment. i couldn't tell 100% which one it was. if it happens again i'll have all of their information. (insert veiled threat here)

jessica, before i'd quit i'd close my blog to invited readers only. i hate to do it, pablo already has to email me his comments. i'm really sad about that...

rurality, no the comment was more personal.

danielle, we have met some of the most fabulous people from our blogs. i really love the community and the shared knowledge. living in such a culturally isolated area the blogoshpere has been a real life saver.

constance, you are safe posting and no one has your email address from posting on my blog.

katie, thanks for you support.

mike, thanks i've almost mustered my courage to really start again.

wendy, yeah i've had to re-think my blog entry approach. another obstacle to mustering a blog post.

lanna, the skills that one acquires in seeing the true person are almost completely disabled in this virtual realm. luckily beauty, compassion and love of the quixotic soul always shine through eventually.

alison, thank you, i'm not phishing for comments although if i do go private invites will sadly be based on having commented.

woody, thank you for your support and well wishes.

tansy, it is hard to expose your soft underbelly to strangers. luckily there are ways of unmasking the creeps>;)

robbyn, thanks we are happy to have shared with you and jack.

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