Monday, December 01, 2008

what's the deal?

tabitha has pneumonia frighteningly bad. tristan and kassi both have strep throat. tristan has a severe case. the doctor almost prescribed the three consecutive shots that toly just got. toly is belly sick from all the antibiotics--probiotics are mostly milk based. luckily he likes, rather loves kombucha. my ear infection is just getting better after a week and a half. rome is ok and wondering whats wrong with all you people. to top it off tabitha also has pink eye--it's likely to spread house wide.

furthermore what is wrong with the evil drug companies that a prescription for antibiotics costs $100? merry christmas everybody. several hours in urgent care and then over an hour at walmart waiting for the prescriptions will squash the sanity out of even the most stable of families. did i mention that everyone was very sick? imagine a sick two year old screaming with a penetrating sound that bag pipes can only aspire to. every old person staring at us giving the look--that boy needs a beating now. branson is mostly retired people so we were out numbered.

there is a beautiful light dusting of snow on the ground this morning. tristan's favorite, too bad he's too sick to leave the house. i'm home family-sick-leave today. maybe i can get enough exposure so i get really sick too.
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