Friday, December 05, 2008

many thanks

recently we have been the recipients of some glorious "get well" meals. we have friends that we didn't even know we had. the two deliveries of food are life savers. the food is so tasty and obviously healthy. we didn't know that other people ate like this in our area. in-fact we'll likely be implementing these delicious dishes into our regular diet once a semblance of normal health returns.

tabitha is feeling slightly better--virtual emergency room to critical care. she can't go outside without the cold air filling her lungs and sending her into fits of coughing that can end into vomiting. i have been taking care of the cows and guess what, they are sick too. awful diarrhea for the past two days. henry also got sick but is now better today.

i'm starting to think that the neighbors new house trailer has disturbed an osage native american burial ground and the wrath of the supernatural is smiting us. perhaps we have offended God, mother-nature or some other collective consciousness. certainly things have been rougher than usual. i guess i should be thankful that all the illnesses we are afflicted with are currently not going to kill any of us.

kassi is starting to feel the most well. she is leaping at the chance to fight with anyone over the smallest things. toly must be the next closest to mend because he and kassi have been in several fisticuffs already this morning.

i have to go to bobs today for a short while. he had a water main emergency yesterday. i briefly went and took things apart so he could buy new parts. today i must put the new parts in and restore his water. it seems that every critical thing that bob had done on his house where i wasn't involved has either catastrophically failed or i've had to preemptively re-do-it.

ron if you are reading this, these recent events have definitively convinced me that exposing the soft underbelly of myself and family to the blogosphere is right and certainly worthy. our new friends have found us and came to our rescue via our blogs. imagine we found community where we thought only virtual community existed. i guess everything happens for a reason and this too is part of "the plan."

many, gracious and humble thanks

the names of the innocent have been excluded to protect the angelic.


Wendy said...

That's amazing! I love how, when we least expect it, neighbors actually do come through for us. It restores my faith in humanity - which is especially taxed these days, given the world climate ;).

Glad things are starting to get a little better at the "pile" :).

Ron said...

Yeah, Karl, I sure can relate (on the soft-underbelly to the world). I sometimes wonder why I do it too, but having a sense of community is a great thing. And it's great to share ideas and experiences with others who are on a similar path.

I hope ya'll have hit the bottom now so you can start to rebound from the illness. Can anything else go wrong? :)

Take care,

pablo said...

I'm glad some good things are coming your way. I like to maintain a level of anonymity with my online persona, but I know that with hardly any effort at all, those interested can find me. I'm happy that you have friends who are interested.

MMP said...


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edifice rex said...

Glad to hear that you all have received some help. I hope everyone begins to get better very soon. Wish I was closer so I could offer you some assistance.

tansy said...

i'm glad everyone is on the mend. i was worried about your guys!

the osage had better go after the neighbors then since they are the ones creating the ruckus!

speaking of ron, where'd he go?! i miss his humorous posts...i hope he chooses to come back.

Rurality said...

I hope crap will stop smiting all of you really soon.

That Lodge Dutch oven IS sexy, though. Well, as long as you're over 30 I guess. :) I've been wishing I'd gotten one years ago, since apparently they are made in China now.

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