Wednesday, April 05, 2006

avian flu continues

yes, we are still sick and i blame the chickens! i have to blame something... certainly not the fact that both of my kids have been seen licking shopping carts, licking the dirt off any object to clean it or generally smearing themselves on any horzontal surface (especially the mall floor). so the birds the are the scapegoat of the day--too bad we don't actually have a goat to get the blame.

actually i am on the mend but it is still taking too long to heal.


pablo said...

Generally, the healthiest kids I see are the dirtiest ones. The theory is that they need to be exposed to bacteria and such in order to develop their immune system. At least that's the story I'm using to explain how my kids were raised!

Danielle said...

I'll second that, Pablo. They (whoever "they" are?) even have a diet out there now that includes garden dirt in it because people are sooo clean nowadays that they aren't getting all the beneficial microbes and bacteria needed to be healthy. I'm thinking pin, maybe not.

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