Monday, April 24, 2006

the planting

we planted eighty or so tomato plants this morning. we were expecting a rain storm and wanted to get them in the ground to benefit from the un-chlorinated water. we also planted many different melons. i salivate everytime i work in the garden. i wonder if pavlov could have predicted that one.
the garden is looking like a real garden--only one small patch of weeds left to till. my new tiller came with two extra shear pins that hold the tines to the driveshaft. i broke both of the shear pins and used the extra replacements--did i mention that our soil is extremely rocky? i have to get extras for the next time.
the kids are so great they mostly behave while we garden. they help themselves to the potty, their respective leappads and the computer(the reading game). tristan is learning to read or else memorizing the entire website and the appropriate answers. either way it is getting in there.
i sifted a few wheelbarrow loads of soil to put around the tomatoes. the kids loved playing in it. it was their version of a sand box. no sterile sand for them just good old fashioned dirt. they love to help. sometimes it is actually helpful and others not. kassi is especially helpful picking up rocks and putting them in the bucket.
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