Monday, April 10, 2006

dogwood sunrise

alot has happened over the past few days. our orchard trees came. apples(3), plums(2), and one cherry. we managed to plant three of them. i think i passed something last night. i didn't catch it too many sleepy painful pees to really care.

the dogwoods are blooming in our back yard! they are so beautiful. the garden is growing already. I ate several arugula leaves from our garden. tristan is sounding out words and is soo close to reading. thank you phoebe! i discovered from your site. he has spent many hours on the computer while tabitha and i have been parentally challenged with illness.

kassi wrote a capital I and then pronounced it to tabitha and myself. then a few minutes later she wrote a capital A and showed it to us. she stands over tristans shoulder while he is on the computer and obviously is absorbing it. tristan has taught her to count to twelve and is now teaching her letters.

the cow is still pregnant! thankgoodness. we plan to tether her in the squatter lot to eat the bounty of grass growing there.

i am still sore but we plan to plant the remaining trees today. four more 2' by 2' holes which can be a challenge here in the ozarks. (extremely rocky soil)

the chickens are up to full egg production 9 or 10 eggs per day. they disperse nimues manure the minute that it hits the ground. i guess they are looking for undigested grain.

although still very sore i feel better today than i have for several weeks. back to back illness (cold, flue), a sore back thrown in at the onset and a dash of kidney stones for good measure.

something good is going to happen to us soon. after such a long streak of bad luck good luck usually follows. if you click on the sunrise photo to enlarge it the white dogwood flowers are more apparent
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