Sunday, April 23, 2006

garden update

we broke down and bought a tiller. we were going to try and garden it without a tiller but it became crystal clear that we were having another hippie pipe dream. our neighbor used a good metaphor "it is like buying a pump for your well--you can do it without but why would you?"

i have been weaving a web of jute on our bamboo arch for the pole beans to climb. tabitha says it is visual representation of my addled mind. have you seen those anti drug use campaigns where they show different examples of spider webs woven while the spiders were on different drugs? well, mine most closely resembles the spider on reefer.

our potatoes are doing very well. we planted more pole beans, corn, bush beans, more potatoes, more beets, swiss chard, tatsoi and lots of herbs. plus we picked out tons of rock and put in yet another rock ring.

our spring garden is doing very well we have been enjoying nightly salads. the kale is almost ready. it rained a little today not enough to do much good but every drop counts.

the tiller works like a champ even in our extremely rocky soil. i had buyers remorse until i used it. it makes such a big difference that it is beyond obvious. i built compost bins out of small cedar poles that were too small to use as fence posts. these should do the job.
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