Thursday, April 27, 2006

timber framing #2

i worked with danny on timber framing today. it was very pleasant. nice hard work and many new things to see. mostly i just enjoyed their company. they are an amish family and very pleasant. i drove danny to the store and had a long conversation with him. he is moral, honest and straight forward. i like him, i'd be his friend if he lived closer. that is saying alot. tabitha says that i don't really need friends. i have a few very close to my heart and that's all.
my best friend matt is probably enough because his heart is larger than any person i have ever met. and he loves me and i him (in a brotherly sort of way).
my friend craig is my oldest friend and i do anything for him. he is great kind and considerate.
dietrich, is another close friend of the same caliber. he is like a brother to me.
i hardly speak to my friends except matt but they are there and i love them. i have a few other friends gary, justin, boris and most recently ben. that is about it.
i usually don't think about it except when i meet someone that i'd add to that short list.


Danielle said...

My grandpa always said, if all you can do is count your friends on one hand, then you've got more than most people and your rich! I agree with him.

uncle matt said...

Don't make me cry! I'll come out there and kick your ass! And I'll eat all your chickens! I love you too, My Friend!

pablo said...

I think I am much like you in the friends department. I have a few, but they mostly have to pursue me to keep up the relationship. I have libby and my kids. What more do i really need?

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