Thursday, April 27, 2006

timber framing #2

i worked with danny on timber framing today. it was very pleasant. nice hard work and many new things to see. mostly i just enjoyed their company. they are an amish family and very pleasant. i drove danny to the store and had a long conversation with him. he is moral, honest and straight forward. i like him, i'd be his friend if he lived closer. that is saying alot. tabitha says that i don't really need friends. i have a few very close to my heart and that's all.
my best friend matt is probably enough because his heart is larger than any person i have ever met. and he loves me and i him (in a brotherly sort of way).
my friend craig is my oldest friend and i do anything for him. he is great kind and considerate.
dietrich, is another close friend of the same caliber. he is like a brother to me.
i hardly speak to my friends except matt but they are there and i love them. i have a few other friends gary, justin, boris and most recently ben. that is about it.
i usually don't think about it except when i meet someone that i'd add to that short list.
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