Friday, April 06, 2007

asparagus season is upon us

it was anyway. a cold front moved through last night and probably halted all our gardening efforts.tabitha has been milking the new goat and things seem to be going well. the kids both like the milk. kassi took a little more encouragement. i have been using it in my coffee and it seems fine.
i had my first very slight case of poison ivy yesterday. i hope to contribute to, or bust, the old wives tale that drinking the milk from a goat that eats poison ivy will make you immune to poison ivy. the goat has surely been eating plenty of poison ivy. i just need to start drinking the milk. right now there isn't very much extra over what the kids will consume so i'll wait until things stabilize.

bitty soccer is amazingly entertaining. kassi and tristan enjoy it and are so cute. it is like their personae is distilled, intensified and dressed in a cute little soccer uniform.

the whole album as tabitha uploaded it follows:
april3rd, soccer
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