Tuesday, April 24, 2007

one is enough thanks--pay it forward

so i only took one vicodin. i'd rather suffer the pain. it must not be that painful you say? only matt really knows my tolerance for pain. ibuprofen was the drug of choice yesterday. i had a vicodin hangover all day. i hate vicodin.

arnica seems to be the biggest help. the huge ace bandage tightly wrapped afforded me the ability to walk, rather limp, around. i plan to go to work tomorrow. i missed my two days work at bobs this week--that'll hurt.

yesterday we were sitting at a mexican restaurant, the kids were being extra cute.
we were practicing our spanish and devouring the chips-n-salsa at an alarming rate. the most unusual thing happened. a woman approached our table and said we had the most beautiful family. her right fist was tightly clinched around something. she proceeded to tell a little story of how she saw our family and it reminded her of her own tribe many years ago. and, on one occasion she and her tribe were sitting at a restaurant when a woman came up to them and told a similar story and gave them a gift of some money. at this point she relaxed her fist and dropped a fifty on the table. she nervously explained that it was our turn. she repeated that we had the most beautiful children and when they are grown and gone like her own we can pass it on--pay it forward. tabitha and i were dumbfounded. we couldn't refuse because it was too cool--the entire opportunity to pay it forward. we let her leave giving thanks but still in shock.

what she gave us was greater than the money it was embracing that moment. that brief lunch will be forever scorched into our memories by a perfect stranger. when we came to our senses we wanted to chase her down to know her. she was gone. our only chance is to reach into the timelessness of love and find our counterpart in the future.

life is truly beautiful
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