Wednesday, April 18, 2007

it's funny how things work

almost immediately after we got our cow back from "the bovine rendezvous" we noticed she looked pregnant. impossible you say? well about eight or nine months ago we walked the cow over to mikes for a conjugal visit with his bull "buddy". yes, for those of you that expressed concern over nimue's future and security--we know who the father is. why didn't we notice this earlier? the best answer is: we're lame. in my defense, i did ask tabitha if we could just get a pregnancy test--ya know pee on the stick. she said "they don't make those for cows." besides what would we do, tie it to her tail? logistics aside, it still think there is a business opportunity here somewhere.
so we have a pregnant cow. we have registered at and shower gifts can be sent in care of tabitha.
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