Monday, April 02, 2007

not enough irons in the fire

we have decided that we need a summer kitchen. this is queued for after the root cellar, after the barn and before the master bedroom addition. this summer kitchen is the old-time answer to canning during the hottest part of the year. the current prerequisites are: completely screened in, location to be at the back gate, and tall enough to block the neighbors winter view of our house. we want a wood-fired cook stove and running water that can be isolated, drained during freezing winters and solar heated during summer. it'll probably end up where we hang out on summer evenings so the barbecue should live out there also. tabitha wants a wood fired bread oven there also. i imagine a nice big hearth would be nice too. my next step is to design it.

this morning is a moon-set and sunrise all at the same time. what a glorious day it will be.
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